Date of Birth: 24.04.1956
Plays:  Right Handed
Height:  5'10" 
Highest ranking:  Doubles - 31 (July 1987) 
Career singles titles:  2
Grand Slam results (Doubles):
Australian Open: 1R (1977)
French Open: F (1989)
Wimbledon: 2R (1988)
US Open: 3R (1987)

Mansour Bahrami is a crowd favourite and is regarded as one of the most naturally gifted players and entertainers of the game. Whilst his ATP Tour success was short lived, Bahrami has been a key figure on the ATP Champions Tour and senior invitational tennis circuit over the last 20 years. He is considered to have "found his niche" on the ATP Champions Tour, where his flamboyant style and propensity for trick shots has worked well with the Tour's more relaxed and engaging atmosphere. 

Bahrami’s love story with tennis started at a young age in war-torn Iran, teaching himself to play tennis using an old metal frying pan and kitchen utensils, not owning a tennis racquet until he was 13. He was forced to stop playing during the Iranian revolution in 1978-79, but his luck changed when he won a local tournament and a prize of a flight to Athens, for which he paid $200 to change to Nice, France.

Bahrami battled for the right to remain in France once his visa ran out, becoming a political refugee and illegal immigrant. In the face of adversity Bahrami still continued to play the sport he loved and when he turned 30 was allowed to compete as a full time professional. His first year of Iranian-French dual nationality was arguably also the year of his greatest tennis achievement; in 1989 Bahrami reached the final of Roland Garros with doubles partner Eric Winogradsky and won the Toulouse Grand Prix.